A logo is born


A logo is born with the need of a company to create a symbol which distinguishes them in the market, a difference between other brands that exist, representing an organization.

From a simple bill, that might seem as insignificant, to a broadcasted publication, that image presented in every graphic piece of the company, It will speak a lot of the type of organization, It is the Logo the first graphic piece that a company must start off, that is why its importance, from it, it will be born and will be developing the visual identity of a group and other graphic pieces, participating in the process of time, by creating branding.

Since ancient years, Man has found the need to record and register trough “footprints”, his present on a place. From the symbols oantiguo
f the medieval shields, that represented each knight and clan, to the universal icons that we are so used to in present times such as the Christian cross, all of them looking to impregnate in people with a simple image, but with a powerful and symbolic power capable to move entire nations.

The process of creating a logo begins when a company sees the necessity to create an image that
distinguishes them.

We, the graphic professionals have the ability, to guide, advice, propose and create that element that represents a company.

Inside the logo creating process, the first step is making a summary of the actual data of the company, such as:

  • Actual name of the service or product: Several times, the name determinates the path and the final shape that the logo will have.
  • Type of service or product: It’s the key to establish in that image, a truly symbolic representation of the main activity of the company.


Once the data is completed, and besides analyzing the actual state of the image of the company, whether It’s about a design that will start from zero, or It’s a redesign of the actual image of the organization, together with the other data that the client can provide, that might help getting a better result for the designer, such as color desires if it is the case, and desired styles (modern, dynamic, static, conservative…) , this extra information could be very helpful, by being the client the person who really knows his own company, among other information, which helps the designer, feeding that inspiration that will transmit the truth spirit of the company, through that image, which It will be impregnated, and full of symbolism on the final result.

Once the data is ready, It is the turn to the sketching part, many times it works by starting from pencil and paper and then digitalizing in a vector software (design software). There are many paths that can be chosen, there are endless colors, shapes, figures and ways which a designer can take and choose, It is there the real challenge by synthetizing and choosing the route for the designer propose.


The design process is taking shape, sometimes it represents a challenge and although it might look simple, it is a whole task to decide, to choose, and to abstract, looking for the final shape (Click to see the image process design). Going further in the process, the designer will feel more comfortable with a shape in particular, which he’ll start to evaluate with the proper colors, typographies and so on. This depends on the working method that is particular in each professional.


Finally, when there’s a final propose, this one is presented to the client, who also can collaborate with his feedback, corrections, looking for a satisfactory result in both parts (client-designer).

Once the logo has been chosen, this one is polished, finalizing and preparing it for the final files and guidelines to the client, whit
 them, the company will get secure of transmitting the information for future pieces of the business and the development of the branding, ensuring the correct application along the process of design elaboration that the company does and transmits with his branding new logo.

Click the image to see the brand guidelines


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