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As a designer I have the ability to create compositions, images and text visually attractive, such as functional. Depending on the applied medium for, It’s created a few variations between the graphic industry, however, It’s graphic design the essence, whether It’s a printing format such as a book, or a digital medium as web designing, promotional objects like a notebook or advertising design as a poster.

Following some of my works for these areas:

Make click forward or backward to navigate trough the images
Digital brochure design propose
Parrot Promotional design, under news paper style, by designing it on just one Black Ink
Brochure design for Parrot, Bluetooth devices for driving
Parrot Products catalogue 2013
Booklet design breast feeding


pamphlet corporate design, Traveler’s guide BASF CHEMISTRY, CREDITS: HASPEKTO
Proposal for editorial content
Company brochure design
Brochure design for Agro company Agrosoilab, CREDITS: HASPEKTO
Add for social Network from flower’s company
Add for Social Network from company of flowers
Mugs proposal design under the concept of love for coffee and colombian coffee culture
Poster design free hand devices for cars “Parrot” concept: “freedom driving”
Packaging design motorcycle free hand devices
Logo and Packaging re design for nutrition drink
Poster for an organic vegetable company
Christmas letter design for a company, Colinagro
Design advertising curtains and furniture design store, credits: work team
Billboards proposal for concrete company (strength and respect corporate values) , CREDITS: HASPEKTO
(See construction) The team I worked with was assigned the task of creating an electronic tool for the health industry. It aided with the management of home hospitalizations, As the lead graphics designer on the project, I was required to develop all visual aspects; logo and visual identity, including the name of the product and the user interface. I introduced the responsive design technology, which allows the application to adapts its design to the infinity screen sizes that exists nowadays, making the user navigation and interaction more intuitive. The project was built visually through html and css.
Menu design: The menu design contains aspects of the logo i.e. the curved cross. This reoccurring curved design features throughout the project design, thereby trying the design together and forming a familiar look.
(See construction) For this app, I created my own bank of images, reinforcing the aesthetic and identity of the brand, besides of making easier the needs of the user and allowing to personalize and parameterize according to his intention
It allows the user to instantly see the location of vehicles on a map. Each vehicle type has its own icon, allowing for a clear understandable representation of the data on the map. The design of the application required the collaboration of engineers and developers working together as a team. The end result was a slick application that presents complex data in a simple, easy to understand, friendly way.
On this case, It is an extension of the web visual identity, applied on a mobile device (Android). This version is customized to suite the display limitation of the mobile platform. The same design principles, iconography were employed to give a similar didactic and intuitive design.
Web and logo design
“Lounge club Colette”
(See construction) Carvajal T&S Project. Pormed is a tool focused on patients and health professional, for the purpose of agenda appointments and other clinic process of the health area. My role as designer in this project among a team of engineers, it involved the re design of the visual identity, starting off by improving the image of a product that already exists, and from there, create design pieces for its application on Web. This is a preview of the samples from this project, which right now is on production process.
With Pormed, It’s needed once the product is acquired, it can be customized, including the corporative colors that the client selects according to his visual identity, but without leaving behind the Pormed brand, in that way, the user will use the portal as if he were in his company, thanks to the customization of the colors. In this case, as an example, the web master has chosen the blue as the second color, which combines with the brand identity of his company.
Example of the Green and red color contrast; It seeks the appropriation of the product on a particular client through visual identity.
(See construction) Master page design, customizable banner module and grid tables.
My inspiration for Pormed was the sobriety that the health sector emanates, the clean spaces, the neatness. Moreover by playing with subtle transparencies, the white as a canvas to contrast other colors, it encourages user navigation to be intuitive. Pormed is visually built trough html and css. It incorporates the responsive design.
(See construction) Exercise for HTML and CSS learning, using Bootstrap. Web responsive design

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